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We offer innovative and smart solutions for payroll administration. We can handle your payroll administration for a rate starting from €131.88 per employee per year, which amounts to just €10.99* per month. Additionally, clients can benefit from various package discounts in the first year, which may be financially advantageous.

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Accounting and Financial





Randstaboekhouding en administratie is ready to assist you with your business administration needs. We are not only your partner in optimizing and growing your business, but we also provide relief in financial administration, tax filings, and preparing financial statements.




Back Office Management for Dental Clinics


Our team members have extensive experience in the administration of healthcare facilities, including dental practices and clinics. We can handle various tasks for you, such as authorizations, scheduling, employee absenteeism tracking, payments, collections, and more. If you would like more information, feel free to request a quote. We are eager to work with you to provide tailored solutions.




Dream it, Achieve it with us!


Since 2016, we have been active in the industry. Thanks to our focus on quality and customized service, we have built a significant customer base. Our company does not aim to become enormously large; instead, we prefer to remain small-scale. For us, customers are not just numbers but individuals who are striving to earn their livelihood decently. We are ready to assist them in this endeavor, ensuring they can enjoy their income optimally in a constantly changing world of regulations and laws.

Our activities are carried out in accordance with applicable regulations, and we are always open to creative approaches ("out of the box") to provide our customers with additional support.

Nikki heeft haar studie boekhouding afgerond, inclusief het behalen van het BKB-certificaat. Ze is haar carrière begonnen als tandartsassistente en heeft zich ontwikkeld tot praktijkmanager. Sinds 2020 werkt ze als boekhouder en Relatiebeheerder op ons kantoor.

Reza heeft Bedrijfseconomie gestudeerd aan de HEAO en heeft vervolgens zijn master in Accountancy behaald aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam. Hij beschikt over uitgebreide ervaring in verschillende branches binnen de middelgrote en kleine sector.

Ali heeft tussen 2019 en 2021 met succes de opleidingen BKB, PDP en PDL afgerond. Binnenkort zal hij geregistreerd worden als Register Salarisadministrateur (Rsa). Sinds 2016 is hij werkzaam als loonadministrateur en buitenlandse liaison binnen ons bedrijf.

Charlotte vervult de rol van office manager en springt bij als extra ondersteuning nodig is op de loonadministratieafdeling. Ze heeft de PDL-opleiding afgerond en is sinds 2019 werkzaam op ons kantoor.

Dhr. R. Afkhami


Mevr.N. Beekmans

Dhr. A.Barazandeh



  • Complete outsourcing of payroll administration.

  • A fixed rate starting from €10.99* per payslip.

  • Salary documents available online 24/7 or in a traditional PDF format.

  • Arrangement of pension and absenteeism contributions.

  • Arrangement of Payroll Taxes.

  • Free SAPA payment files.

  • Administrative tasks for healthcare institutions, including dental practices and clinics (authorizations, scheduling, absenteeism tracking, salary payments, accounting, contracts, collective labor agreements).



No start-up or takeover costs.

Free bureau and file costs (valued at €55).

Free provision of annual statements.

Digital document and personnel file.

No advance invoice, payment afterwards.

A clear accounting package with no hidden costs.

Experienced lawyers available for your tax and legal questions.


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